Cottonelle Care Routine Share and Sample from Crowdtap

I have always been a user of Cottonelle products, but had no thought about using the toilet paper and flushable wipes together. But when I was chosen for this sample and share with Crowdtap I had the chance to try this combination. Once trying the Cottonelle Care Routine I was hooked, and now I have made it my new routine. Now, I make sure that I have the new products close when I need it. The Cottonelle Care Routine gives you a clean and confident feel. No longer do you have to doubt if your clean, because you can feel the freshness. I also love the rippled, soft but strong cloth feel from the Cottonelle toilet paper. You also get double the freshness when you use the toilet paper and the flushable wipes together. Give it a try and see if you gain confidence from using the Cottonelle Care Routine. Thanks Crowdtap!


About BudgetingDiva

I am a 29 year old mother of four, a nurse, and a wife. I was born and raised in Arkansas. I have been couponing and budgeting for about 2 years now, and I love it.
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